Category: CX Now: Eight Essential Themes Driving CX Evolution

Adaptability: The Ability to Quickly Adjust to Shifting Environments and Customer Needs

Today the customer is in charge. Companies spend significant resources to understand their needs, desires, wants, and preferences. We have transitioned from a “make-and-sell” model to a highly sophisticated “sense-and-respond” model. What’s more, customers expect companies to keep up with their shifting demands month by month, day by day, and minute by minute.

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Data Integration: Integration and Accessibility of all Customer Data Sources to Understand Their Needs and Guide Company Actions

As a CX professional, one way you can improve your program is by making certain you can access, integrate, analyze and use all your data to make better informed decisions about how you deliver experiences to customers and employees. Sounds easy, right? But with silos and tech platforms that don’t connect, accessing and using all your data can be tougher than you’d expect.

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Employee Enablement: Providing the Necessary Ingredients to Deliver Ideal Customer Experiences

It may be a broad generalization, but it’s probably fair to say that most employees want to do a good job. This is particularly true if they are hired to regularly interact with customers. Typically someone in such a role likes to interact with people and wants to help. They enjoy solving customer problems and they want to help them succeed. And yet, if you are a customer experience (CX) leader, the leader of a contact center, or anyone who has a hand in customer relationships you can likely cite a number of obstacles that make it difficult for frontline employees to feel fully enabled to do their best work.

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