Our Commitment

At Walker, we believe EVERYONE deserves an amazing experience.

We strive to be a company that is driven to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We know by doing so it will further enhance the experience our associates and customers have with our company.


We define diversity as the variety of people and ideas within a company.


We define equity as fair treatment in our compensation and talent development processes.


We define inclusion as making sure all people can be their authentic selves and feel that they belong.

We know by doing so it will further enhance the experience our associates and customers have with our company.

Walker has a DEI committee that facilitates the vision and strategy of our efforts, monitors our efforts of improving DEI, and oversees communication to leadership and throughout the company.

The DEI Committee oversees various task forces that drive execution on DEI related actions.

Walker DEI Governance Structure

We will measure our success on our DEI efforts as:

  • Walker being known as an organization that is intentional and mindful relative to DEI strategy; as an organization that values diversity as a business asset; an employer of choice for diverse talent.
  • Our associates, clients, partners, prospects, and job candidates clearly understand how we support DEI within our company and surrounding communities.
  • We have a common language, greater awareness, skill, and ability to talk about matters related to diversity and inclusion.
  • Improved recruitment, retention and advancement of all dimensions of diversity within the company.

We create amazing experiences.

And we firmly believe our efforts to become a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive company only provides a better experience for our employees and clients. If you’re looking to work for a company that champions these ideals then consider a career at Walker!

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