“Let’s do a survey!”

For many companies, this statement marks the beginning of their customer experience (CX) program. However, thinking only about the survey and questions to ask has businesses jumping in at the end of the planning process. It’s like picking interior paint colors before you even have the blueprint when building a new home. A sustainable CX program requires a blueprint too. In our industry, we call this blueprint “governance.” When done correctly, the program launches with the right goals and objectives, a roadmap to achieve them, and the best people and resources to execute the plan. CX initiatives without this usually waste time and money, get stale too quickly, and limit return on investment.

For companies wanting a CX program with lasting impact, governance is the foundation on which everything is built.

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Drive business success with a custom XM program roadmap

Who doesn’t appreciate a good roadmap? Through its evolution from accordion-folded paper the size of a poster to interactive app on a handheld device, a roadmap shows the way from where you are to where you want to go. Great, right? And whether you’re talking about a cross-country road trip or the journey to building a goal-oriented experience management (XM) program, a roadmap is an essential tool to help you get there.

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Customer Feedback: Why It’s Important + 6 Ways to Collect It

In this age of information overload, there is opportunity to seek out a few more “alligators” in our customer data. One method that could help is instituting a more formalized and managed follow-up process with our key accounts. In other cases, there are opportunities to learn more from the commentary provided by customers in surveys or in other feedback forums.

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What does CX leadership look like?

Companies that lead in customer experience acknowledge the reality that to sustain high business performance over time, they must pay close attention to what’s happening externally and use that intelligence to drive a customer-focused strategy. If this sounds logical, you may be surprised to learn just how many companies spend most of their time looking inward, basing their business strategy on internal data and functions.

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