Many elements of the Experience Management (XM) Operating Framework contribute to gaining insights on ways to improve the customer experience. One of the methods of taking action on those insights is through Process Integration.

Process integration can take place in many shapes and forms. It can address direct problems that customers have told you about. It can help solve behind-the-scenes challenges that prevent efficient and effective customer service.

Whether a routine issue that can be fixed immediately or a complex concern that requires intricate planning and execution, the integration of processes, data, and people can be a valuable and essential part of the solution.

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Experience Visioning: Planning Today to Help Ensure Future Success

Organizations must continue to “put out the daily fires” and execute the short-term adjustments that are required. But if that same organization wants to be best-in-class five or 10 years down the road, it must look beyond tomorrow – or next month, or next year – to which technological and societal changes will influence the way the world will work in the future.

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Strategic Decision-Making: Transforming Insights into Action

What if we started to think of problems as strategic opportunities? When reframed from “challenge to solve” into “chance to change,” problems create a valuable time to capture diverse data and put new processes or systems in place. The higher-level thinking makes the business better long-term—and contributes to its vision and goals for the future.

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