A journey map plots the path customers take in interacting with your company—from the earliest stages of product awareness and purchasing decisions through onboarding, usage, support—and finally renewal. The customer journey map is a valuable qualitative tool for understanding customer needs and expectations at each phase of the customer lifecycle. Holistic, visual and tangible, a journey map is an integral part of a comprehensive customer experience program.

When executed thoughtfully and correctly, the journey map is a powerful resource to support tactical and strategic decision-making in the areas that matter most to customers. With its end-to-end vantage point, journey mapping is highly effective in identifying “moments of truth” – the key “make or break” touchpoints in the journey that define customer perception and determine the likelihood customers will buy from you again or recommend your product to others. 

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What is Customer Experience Strategy?

The boss calls a meeting and starts with something like, “We need to reduce churn among our customer base,” or “We’re lagging on our quarterly revenue projections,” and maybe, “It’s time to roll out the new product line.” Then your boss asks the most important question, “What are we doing to do about it?” The answer: develop a customer experience strategy.

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How to Build Voice of the Customer Survey Questions

In today’s business environment, we hear a lot about the voice of the customer. And with good reason. More than ever, listening to your customers makes sense. And that is what voice of the customer or “VOC” programs are all about – listening to your customers to hear about their experiences, learn their likes and dislikes, understand their perspective, and anticipate their needs.

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