What are your top experience management challenges? We wondered about that and decided to conduct a non-scientific, fun exercise at the 2024 Qualtrics X4 Summit to find out. As a sponsor of X4, we had an exhibit and invited attendees to stop by and consider the following:

Photo of the X4 display set up

What are the biggest challenges to making XM work in your organization?

  • Resources: Securing the resources necessary to support XM goals and initiatives
  • Engagement & Alignment: Ensuring employees are on board with our XM objectives and understand their roles
  • Data Integration: Consolidating the right data from the right sources to truly understand our customers and employees
  • Action & Change: Driving the necessary actions and improvements to really make a difference
  • Impact: Ensuring our XM strategy and programs result in quantifiable value for the organization
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Experience Integration: Ensuring That All the Hard Work Pays Off

Your Experience Management team, and the organization as a whole, has adopted the XM Operating Framework. You have embraced the competencies and utilized the skills. You have combined monitoring, discovery, visioning, design and much more. Now is the time for the all-crucial Experience Integration. In one sense, it could be the payoff for all the work the CX team has done. In another, it is the beginning of an entirely new adventure of implementation, evaluation and adjustment. It is important not to run out of steam at this point!

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Experience Design: Crafting Solutions and Driving Customer Behavior

Service design begins with, and is fully dependent on, developing a deep understanding of the customer experience within your organization – plus what your customer is experiencing in life outside of their interactions with your company. It goes well beyond the transactional phase. It depends on utilizing your operational data to define the demographics that are representative of segments of your customer base. Even more importantly, it takes building empathy and an emotional connection with your customers.

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Experience Visioning: Planning Today To Help Ensure Future Success

Organizations must continue to “put out the daily fires” and execute the short-term adjustments that are required. But if that same organization wants to be best-in-class five or 10 years down the road, it must look beyond tomorrow – or next month, or next year – to which technological and societal changes will influence the way the world will work in the future.

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Process Integration: Making the Changes to Benefit Your Customers and Your Business

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