It’s not just talk. Good communication is essential to executing a successful customer experience (CX) program. In fact, a comprehensive communications plan, developed well before your first survey is ever deployed, can propel your CX program from “just OK” to a level that enables you to motivate change, accelerate action, and achieve desired results.

Do you really need a CX communications plan?

It’s a good question. Of course it’s possible to facilitate a CX program without a proactive plan for communications. You’ll get some customers to respond, and there will likely be some data or insights on which you can attempt to take action. But to get the wheels spinning at a faster and more productive pace, the answer is yes—you need a solid communications plan. Effective CX communications planning considers all your target audiences—both internal and external—and is largely responsible for building the widespread awareness needed to swiftly move your program in a results-driven direction.

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Seize Opportunities To Deliver Value With Your CX Program

The job of a customer experience (CX) professional can be described as mastering the art of “sensing” and “seizing.” The sensing part of the equation is the gathering of information to gain a deeper understanding of the customer. Among other things, sensing reveals customers’ concerns, their needs, and where opportunities and risks lie within the customer relationship.

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Value Planning: The Connection Between CX Outcomes and Business Objectives

Launching any new initiative usually starts with three questions: Why are we doing this? Why is now the right time? What do we want to achieve? Consider a recent business project or a personal plan. Asking these questions defines the need, the urgency, and the end goal. The answers illustrate what is possible and why those opportunities are important right now.

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