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What Is Customer Experience (CX)? Your Complete Guide

Customer experience (CX) comprises every interaction a consumer has with a business, from product discovery to post-purchase support. Everything a company does influences how the customer perceives the brand, if they feel satisfied, and whether they keep coming back. Building a strong CX program across an organization contributes to better brand loyalty, more repeat business,… Read more »

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Experience Integration: Ensuring That All the Hard Work Pays Off

Your Experience Management team, and the organization as a whole, has adopted the XM Operating Framework. You have embraced the competencies and utilized the skills. You have combined monitoring, discovery, visioning, design and much more. Now is the time for the all-crucial Experience Integration. In one sense, it could be the payoff for all the work the CX team has done. In another, it is the beginning of an entirely new adventure of implementation, evaluation and adjustment. It is important not to run out of steam at this point!

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