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What Is Customer Experience (CX)? Your Complete Guide

Customer experience (CX) comprises every interaction a consumer has with a business, from product discovery to post-purchase support. Everything a company does influences how the customer perceives the brand, if they feel satisfied, and whether they keep coming back. Building a strong CX program across an organization contributes to better brand loyalty, more repeat business,… Read more »

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How To Build a Customer-Centric Culture Within Your Business

Culture is part of an organization’s DNA. Every company has a culture driven by its mission, vision, and values. These principles guide how team members behave inside the workplace. A business’s expectations, experiences, and operating philosophy all stem from its culture.

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Changing Culture Through CX Rituals

Much of the CX conversation has shifted to focus on organizational culture. Sure, we have great customer listening efforts in place. Sure, we are asking the right questions of the right customers. Sure, we have people who want to do the right thing. Even with all of that, we don’t really feel that our organizations have truly embraced CX or that we are truly operating as customer-centric organizations.

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