Patient Experience

A Real-Time System of Action for Healthcare Providers

The healthcare industry has earned the reputation for extraordinary innovation and life-changing advances. And yet, patient experience (PX) programs are frequently outdated and rigid, void of speed and flexibility that is possible using today’s advanced technology.

Every Patient Voice Matters

Consider some of life’s most vulnerable moments – welcoming a newborn baby, undergoing cancer treatments, recovering from a car accident, or saying goodbye to a loved one. During times like these, it’s important to listen and respond to patient concerns.

To do this effectively the healthcare system needs a better approach.

Walker is prepared to deliver solutions that are more responsive, more comprehensive, and squarely focused on the voices of patients, family members, and healthcare providers.

A Modern Approach

Most patient feedback programs to date have been too focused on retrospective and regulatory surveys, making it difficult for healthcare providers to meet the evolving needs of their patients in real time. Together with Qualtrics we have developed services that meet the needs of today’s healthcare providers.

  • Customized. Fully customized solutions targeted to meet patient experience needs, while also meeting regulatory CAHPS requirements.
  • Comprehensive. Inclusive programs designed to improve the experiences of patients, family members, and healthcare providers.
  • Responsive. Services that accelerate service recovery, deliver customized insights, and drive more improvements to care delivery.
  • Flexible. Technology that seamlessly connects to their electronic medical record (EMR) via Qualtrics HealthConnect® platform.
Graphic displaying rapid deployment, survey design, dashboards, and alerts.

The healthcare system needs a modern approach, one that is more responsive, more comprehensive, more focused on the voice of patients, family members, and healthcare providers.

Better Experiences for Patients, Their Families, and Their Caregivers

Walker’s patient experience services addresses the complexities of healthcare organizations to help them take action on insights and deliver better patient experiences.

  • Smooth transition. Walker, in collaboration with Qualtrics, will provide a guided process to transition each client from their former survey vendor to a more flexible, comprehensive approach.
  • Modern listening approach. Clients receive a complete patient experience listening architecture program to measure real-time patient feedback along every touchpoint of their journey, patient loyalty and engagement, and key drivers to drive improvement initiatives.
  • Accelerated service recovery. Using automatic alerts, ticketing, workflows, and action plans, organizations can address concerns while patients are still within their care.
  • In-house healthcare experts. Walker has a team of healthcare experts ready to guide healthcare organizations through this patient experience measurement evolution.
  • Enhanced visibility. Patient data is integrated into informative dashboards for quicker, better line of sight to necessary improvements.
  • Real time. Role-based reporting, enhanced analytics, scheduled reports, and mobile reporting are a few of the benefits of a real-time approach that makes sense for today’s consumer-based healthcare environment.
  • Broad stakeholder approach. Programs easily expand to measure the experience of family members, nurses and other care providers who have a direct impact on the patient experience.
  • Connected data. Clients receive a flexible platform that seamlessly connects to their electronic medical record (EMR) via Qualtrics HealthConnect® platform.

Walker is prepared to help healthcare organizations revolutionize the way they listen to gather insights and put them to use.

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