Effectively Combining CX and EX

Considering the experiences of customers and employees leads to the best results. This report provides practical advice for combining customer and employee insights to gain a well-rounded perspective on how well your company is delivering on its promise of experience.

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What do we mean by combining CX and EX? It’s about developing the 360-degree view of experiences and value delivery. It’s about gaining a well-rounded perspective internally and externally about how well a company is delivering on its promise of experience – and doing that in a more targeted way.

This report includes:

The value of combining CX and EX feedback: Employees know what’s going on. They know how customers feel about your company because they talk with them every day. They can tell when processes are broken because they waste time or face unnecessary challenges. They know when practices prevent them from taking care of customers to the best of their ability.

Customer and employee health check: For an integration of CX and EX to work, the organization needs to believe it is important to deliver an optimal experience to all people they affect – including customers and employees. This requires thinking about the entire human experience as one integrated goal instead of focusing separately on customer experience and employee experience.

Identifying symptoms and diagnosing causes: Measuring interactions and experiences at a more granular level to identify specific issues that are affect customer relationships and employee engagement. This level of investigation is common among CX programs but is less common on the EX side.

Talking to the specialists: Providing open opportunities to collect detailed, real-time commentary from the customers and employees involved in daily interactions with or for our companies. This type of feedback can provide early warnings on new or worsening issues, compliments on specific processes or people, and suggestions on fixes or improvements from the people directly involved in interactions.

Simply having a strong EX program that drives employee engagement and a CX program that drives customer centricity and optimal experiences can lead to great business outcomes. Combining the two takes it to the next level.

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