Staff Augmentation

Flexible, Reliable Tech Services to Maximize Your Qualtrics Investment

Hiring and training employees to be a Qualtrics expert is difficult and time consuming. Staff turnover, hiring freezes, and competing projects make it difficult to hit deadlines and take advantage of all the benefits of the Qualtrics platform.

Accelerate Time to Value

At Walker, we understand that when it comes to managing technology resources, the challenges can be overwhelming. Multiple projects, conflicting deadlines, extensive training, and many other factors can result in missed deadlines and cost overruns. And yet, to get value from your Qualtrics investment, time matters.

The Walker team provides the skills and resources to accelerate your time to value. Our highly skilled staff offers flexible, comprehensive, and reliable services so you can fast-track your project and make the most of the powerful Qualtrics platform. Our experts also are highly knowledgeable in best practices and will advise and grow the confidence of your team along the way.

Companies Turn to Walker

Staff augmentation is a proven method for leveraging the services of skilled specialists. And when it comes to Qualtrics, no one is more skilled than Walker. Companies like the fact that we’re dedicated to their project, completely focused on their needs and their schedule.

A charter member of the Qualtrics Partner Network and twice recognized as partner of the year, Walker has helped more than 2,000 organizations leverage the Qualtrics platform for their business.

  • Qualified. More than 70 certified Qualtrics experts covering all aspects of the Qualtrics platform.
  • Reliable. We’re an extension of your team with dedicated availability.
  • Flexible. We provide the ability to scale your program, ensuring you get full value from the Qualtrics platform.
  • Cost Effective. Hiring and training employees is expensive. The Walker team gets to work quickly to expedite your projects.
Graphic displaying expand your resources, accelerate your projects, manage your budget, and maximize your investment.

Below is a sample of Walker’s full range of technology services:

  • Qualtrics training and support
  • Survey and dashboard builds
  • Close-the-loop case management
  • Contact list automation
  • Sample plan design
  • Data migration and conversion
  • Data integration with other platforms
  • Custom distribution reporting
  • Custom offline reporting
  • Custom engineering
  • Custom HTML email templates
  • Custom JavaScript survey questions
  • Website feedback configuration
  • Onboard planning, scoping, setup
  • …And much more

Deliver Better, Faster Results From Your Investment in Qualtrics

Walker’s staff augmentation services address the challenges of companies that want to fully leverage Qualtrics industry-leading technology to deliver more value and better experiences for their customers.

  • Full Service. Take advantage of Walker’s wide range of implementation and engineering services — survey and dashboard builds, contact list automation, data integration and migration, website feedback configuration, and much more.
  • Dedicated. Walker operates as a member of your team, fully dedicated to the success of your project.
  • Zero Training. No need to train your own employees. Walker’s technology consultants are Qualtrics-certified and ready to support your projects.
  • Best-Practices. Tap into Walker’s vast experience and receive expert level best-practices, advisory and audits to ensure Qualtrics is tailored to deliver the value you expect from the industry’s top platform.
  • Avoid Pitfalls. Seasoned consultants provide the direction needed to sidestep obstacles and minimize delays.
  • Central Source. Let Walker be your point of contact for all things Qualtrics — perfect for decentralized groups that need an experienced resource to turn to for answers.
  • Cost-Effective. Take control of your costs. Walker’s staff augmentation provides an efficient way to stick to your budget and get all the value.
  • Eliminate Distractions. Employee turnover, competing projects, reassignments and reorganizations stand in the way of your progress. Walker stays focused on your initiatives and your goals.

Reach out to Walker to see how our experts can help you make the most of the Qualtrics platform.

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