Digital Customer Experience

Real-Time Insights to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Today’s customers seek a seamless and efficient experience at every interaction. Now is the time for companies to enhance digital technologies to connect with their customers and deliver the ease and speed they demand.

An Effortless Experience

Consider the multiple steps in a customer’s journey – searching for the right solution, making a purchase, using the solution, troubleshooting, requesting help, and many more. Whether in person or online, customers expect an effortless experience. During these crucial interactions, it’s essential to listen and respond to customer concerns. What’s more, digital properties can also be used to actively orchestrate the effortless experience your customers desire.

Walker specializes in delivering modern digital solutions that empower companies to better understand every customer interaction and deliver a cohesive experience both online and offline.

A Seamless Approach

Most digital CX programs take a one-size-fits-all approach, limiting the way companies can improve and meet the needs of customers in real time. Instead, Walker has developed a tailored approach, delivering innovative solutions across the entire customer journey.

  • Humanized. Digital solutions developed to enhance a brand’s authentic relationship with customers
    online while protecting customer data and privacy.
  • Personalized. Integrating customer data to target key audiences and enriching insights to enhance
    customer relationships.
  • Action Oriented. Technology-enabled programs to identify and rapidly address customer challenges in real time on the Qualtrics platform.
  • Connected. Deploying digital solutions integrated with various platforms to connect with a company’s existing tools and processes.
  • Real Time. Innovative reporting methods to gather timely customer insights for fast action.

Walker’s digital CX services address the ever-changing online landscape while helping companies act on insights and deliver better customer experiences.

Insights at Every Interaction

Walker provides the technology, services, and advice to help organizations execute across every step of the customer journey.

  • Full Service. Walker provides a full range of professional services to fit a client’s needs across any industry. We share digital best practices and guide the program from start to finish with a crossfunctional team approach.
  • Technology Enabled. The Walker team is fully certified in the industry-leading Qualtrics platform for facilitating feedback, monitoring customer interactions, and analyzing data to provide real-time insights.
  • Complex Support. Walker’s Engineering Services team handles the most complex digital integrations, working with a client’s technology partners to provide a unique solution to any online problem.
  • Leverage Operational Data. Data is our thing – we help clients leverage their existing operational data to elevate their experience data and produce valuable, impactful insights to share with internal stakeholders.
  • In-House Digital Experts. Our team of professionals understands the importance of digital interactions and is ready to guide companies through the online evolution. With years of experience, we’ve served all types of organizations, from education and government to hospitality and business-to-business.
  • Brand Focused. Walker digital solutions are designed with the client’s branding in mind, creating native listening tools and customer prompts that fit with a company’s online presence. Our goal is delivering a seamless visual experience for the customer.
  • Complete Approach. Walker designs a complete digital experience program to measure real-time feedback and facilitate effortless experiences along every digital touchpoint within the customer journey. Our work drives engagement, conversion, loyalty, and related outcomes for your digital properties, simplifying the intersection between traditional and digital customer experiences.

Walker is prepared to help your company develop best-in-class digital methods to improve the way you listen to customers and improve their experience.

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