The innovative approach for the modern workplace

Walker has developed an innovative approach by converting our typical workshop into an online collaborative experience, utilizing software tools and services to help in the collaborative process, giving your company the flexibility it needs while continuing to enhance your customer experience.

The Right Tools

Walker utilizes two key software tools to help facilitate online meetings:


Zoom is an online group collaboration platform designed to create virtual meeting spaces and provide tool for groups to effectively interact online.

Zoom will be used for when the workshop group needs to meet together.


MURAL is a visual tool that allows teams to collaborate via an online “canvas” where participants can create “post-it” notes for idea generation.

MURAL will be used to generate and organize ideas, individually and as a group.

Combining real-time collaboration software with online meetings and customized instructional videos, your participants will be fully engaged in a workshop designed to meet your company’s needs, while providing the flexibility required for your team’s individual schedules.

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