Walker Loyalty Matrix Widget

Walker’s Loyalty Matrix is a framework for measuring loyalty and assessing the stability of an organization’s customer base. Frameworks are useful as they provide a practical way to better understand business strategies. In the case of the Loyalty Matrix, it is a versatile approach, providing businesses with a practical means to leverage the voice of the customer for improved business performance.

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The Loyalty Matrix widget is a dashboard widget specifically designed for Qualtrics users. Its primary function is to take an attitude question and a behavior question, subsequently producing a graphical distribution. This graphical representation is instrumental in assessing the stability of an organization’s customer base.


Before using the Loyalty Matrix, there are a few prerequisites to consider. Users must have access to the Qualtrics dashboard and should possess the capability to create widgets within this dashboard.


For the installation process of the Loyalty Matrix, users should navigate to the Extension Admin page within Qualtrics. Once there, they can install the Loyalty Matrix extension to their desired brand. When it comes to setting up the widget, the process is straightforward. Start by adding a new widget to the dashboard and select “Loyalty Matrix” as the widget type. From there, users can choose their desired questions for both “attitude” and “behavior”. They also have the option to select the display settings, deciding whether to have the axis text on or off. It’s crucial to ensure that the survey progress is mapped into the dashboard to achieve an accurate representation.


The Loyalty Matrix is specifically designed to accept and process Number Sets and Numeric values. It is finely calibrated to operate optimally on a 1-5 scale. While it’s possible to input values from scales other than 1-5, it’s important to note that doing so won’t cause the widget to malfunction. However, users should be aware that using different scales can result in inaccurate distributions within the matrix.


If there are any questions or if a demo of the Loyalty Matrix is required, users are encouraged to reach out to QDP@walkerinfo.com.