Qualtrics is the best XM platform on the market. But there are times when you need to use your marketing automation solution to send survey invitations so you can utilize the powerful metrics and design tools they offer.

Walker’s QuickLink helps connect your marketing CRM to Qualtrics so you can utilize unique survey links in your email invitations.

Qualtrics XM

QuickLink acts as a bridge between Qualtrics and your CRM. When you want to send a survey invite, QuickLink connects with Qualtrics to retrieve a unique survey URL for your respondent, allowing your CRM to insert it into the email template of your choice so you can take advantage of your existing tracking metrics while continuing to gather critical XM insights through your Qualtrics account.

Watch the video to learn more about using QuickLinks

QuickLink combines several rules and API calls that require an IT professional to build and encapsulates it into a single task that anyone can setup in their Qualtrics account.

QuickLink is available in the Qualtrics Marketplace and can be implemented with minimal effort. Or contact Walker and we’ll help deploy the solution to your platform.

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