The CX Leader Pulse

The CX Leader Pulse is a concise, practical survey designed to help CX professionals benchmark their program activities against others.

To provide valuable insights for leaders, Walker, in collaboration with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), launched The CX Leader Pulse. These brief and timely studies focus on specific CX topics, offering leaders a clear view of what companies are doing within their CX programs—and what they are not.

The CX Leader Pulse aligns with the CXPA’s 10-year goal of tracking the impact of CX on organizations. By gathering and analyzing information on CX programs and their impact, we aim to identify which aspects and activities can significantly enhance the value of CX efforts.

Summary of Findings

Each wave of The CX Leader Pulse delves into a different topic. Our inaugural Pulse survey focused on CX governance and team structure. Here are the key findings:

  • Cross-Functional Involvement Matters: Organizations with a cross-functional steering team and/or a cross-function team of CX champions are more likely to perceive CX as a valuable business discipline.
  • Executive Sponsorship: Nearly half of CX teams are headed by an executive or senior director level associate.
  • Challenges in Valuation: One-third of CX professionals struggle to get their organizations to recognize the efforts and potential of CX.
  • CX Investments Pay off: Organizations that increased investment in CX view it with greater value. We see nearly all organizations planning to maintain or increase investments in CX in the future.

We hope these insights will help you and your organization understand the current state of CX governance and team structure, and inspire strategies for enhancing the impact of your CX initiatives.

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Results From the Previous Pulse

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