The CX Leader Techcast

An edition of the CX Leader Forum focusing on best practices in XM technology.

Finding Order in the Chaos

Demonstrating how Qualtrics’ Text iQ can keep you connected to the voice of your customer.

Qualitative and unsolicited feedback are valuable ways to gather insights on how customers feel about your organization. But trying to quantify or categorize large amounts of data can be daunting. Tools like Qualtrics’ Text iQ can analyze large amounts of feedback to determine customer sentiment and themes and provide CX professionals the insights needed to drive action.

During this Techcast, you will:

  • watch a live “how-to” demonstration of Qualtrics’ Text iQ tool from a Walker expert
  • learn how CX pros can utilize this powerful feature to discover important insights
  • discover how one Walker client uses Text iQ within their CX program
  • learn the roadmap for Text iQ, including how AI will be incorporated into the tool

This event is exclusively arranged for Walker clients to be able to share ideas and challenges in a small-group virtual setting. Please join us!


Nick Ohlemacher
Senior Manager, Shared Services
Liz Wallshield
Senior Technology Consultant
TJ O’Neil
Senior Engagement Manager