Disrupting XM

Identifying and creating experiences that differentiate the organization from its competitors.

A key framework developed by the Qualtrics XM Institute is frequently referenced and serves as a foundation for this report. The framework highlights 20 skills essential for managing experiences, arranged into six key experience management competencies. Building these skills can help you turn theory into practice.

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Finding and fixing current problems is essential, but not enough, to truly develop long-term customer loyalty. Organizations must consider their future role in meeting consumer needs and the forces affecting the evolution.

DISRUPT includes three XM Skills for transforming customer experience opportunities into business realities: experience visioning, experience design, and experience integration.

The only constant in life is change. Business survival depends on identifying and meeting the new needs of customers. Doing it before and better than anyone else? That is true disruption. Disrupt XM offers insights, business examples, and step-by-step processes to develop your company into a CX innovator.