Case Study: Altair Global

The Company

Altair Global is an innovative company delivering exceptional mobility experiences to customers and clients worldwide.

Working with some of the largest companies in the world, Altair Global ensures that employees required to move to other locations benefit from an experience that is seamless and flawless. Supported by sophisticated, dynamic technology, their focus on experience management drives continuous improvement and innovation in a full-service global assignment and relocation services.

The Situation

Altair’s experience journeys vary greatly – clients want to have their employees relocated quickly and with minimum fuss; those employees are selling and buying homes, being introduced to new countries and cultures, worrying about the safety of themselves and family heirlooms.

Altair recognized that the experience they deliver is everything – and an opportunity to establish an advantage in a highly competitive industry.

The Approach

Working with Walker Altair developed a comprehensive program that addresses all the complex, interwoven relationships they manage with clients and their relocating employees, third-party service providers and their own team members. What’s more, they developed initiatives to provide improved access to better, journey-based feedback (integrating B2B and B2C) which allowed Altair to provide an amazing experience for each customer, based on its three core values: approachable, accountable, authentic.

The Solution

Altair Global has fully embraced experience management as an effective way to serve clients and lead in their industry. With Walker’s help they have systems in place to efficiently review updates on every relocation project, act quickly to close the loop on customer issues throughout their journey, and uncover patterns that prompt program improvements.

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