Walker Is Innovating XM With AI

At Walker, we harness the power of AI to deliver unparalleled insights and value. By leveraging the latest AI-driven solutions, we help our clients discover actionable insights into their customer’s behaviors, anticipate their needs, optimize interactions, and build lasting relationships with their customers. Together, we’re making experience management smarter and more effective than ever before.

Here are some resources to learn more about AI solutions in Experience Management.

The CX Leader Blog

Enter the AI World – or Be Left Behind

There is no shortage of current conversations about artificial intelligence (AI) – both its advantages as well as potential concerns. There are also many more unknowns than definites when it comes to the world of developing computer systems capable of performing tasks typically associated with human intelligence.

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The CX Leader Podcast

Can AI Save Customer Support?

Sara Walker welcomes Jim Payne from RingCentral to discuss a recent study that highlights the pain points in customer support and how AI can help. Read the show notes on this episode.

Can AI Save Customer Support?
Can AI Save Customer Support?
Released: May 21, 2024

AI: The CX Power Tool

Host Pat Gibbons welcomes back Mike Miserendino from GravityDrive for a discussion on how CX experts can use AI to improve their customer experience. Read the show notes on this episode.

AI: The CX Power Tool
AI: The CX Power Tool
Released: February 13, 2024

Transform data into outcomes with Qualtrics AI

Qualtrics AI turns all your data into clear insights and actionable next steps, enhancing your strategic decisions, empowering every single person in your organization to take timely action, and unlocking business value.

Walker’s team of experts leverages the power of AI and the Qualtrics platform to provide technology services, end-to-end managed services, and expert strategic consulting – all to deliver better results for you.

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